Awadh International School is the answer to the long felt needs of a premier school in our city. Students will not have to travel long distances from this area any more in search of quality education. it is our mission to impart quality education in keeping with the demands of the highly competitive world of today.

 We aim to help each child to :

  • learn effectively and develop their full  potential.
  • Acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will form the basis for their future living and learning.
  •  Making them sensitive towards the new world of challenges.

We aim to

  • Provide all children with a secure, caring, environment where discipline is consistent.
  • friendly and well organised Incorporate Technology, theory of Multiple Intelligence and collaborative learning in all areas of teaching.
  • Ensure that all children receive equal regard and equal access to the curriculum. Encourage behaviour that is tolerant, sensitive to others and reflects good manners and moral awareness.
  • Develop in children a degree of independence and self motivation.
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation of his heritage and culture

We encourage children to value

  •  Excellence in their work.
  •  Doing their best for others and understanding the strength and weakness of others.
  • Working together in groups and teams.
  •  The community of people in our society.
  • The environment, the school and their personal properly.
  •  The reputation of the school.



Awadh International School K.G. Section &Primary school Precept

  •  In the kindergarten and primaryscooøl, the children’s natural curiosity and enthusianm is taken care.
  • Using our own well researched KGsprogramme, teachers create a stimulating and varied learning environment that allows each .student to progress accordihg to his or her potential.
  • Children are encouraged to share their diverse social and cultural experiences and to develop the ability to think analytically, see connections among ideas, and be imaginative and creative actors in their own learning.
  • A variety of assessment methods, including students self reflection, allows continuous evolution of the learning process and regular feed back to both ghe children and the parents. In addition to language Oral communication), mathematics, science and technology, social studies, virtual arts ,music drawing and personal social and physical education.
  • The use of computers and technology in an integral part of class room work.

Awadh International Secondary School Precept.

  • The Middle School curriculum (6th -10 Class) provides for a thorough study of the various disciplines, whilst maintaining the holistic approach Of the learner profile.
  • Itencourages students to realize that solutions of many questions often require insights drawn from various areas of knowledge, along with social an&interpersonal skills that facilitate cooperation and team work.
  • It fosters personal responsibility and sensitivity towards the environment we live in, and openness and tolerance towards different cultural traditions.

Co-curricular Activities

  • Celebration of festivals and important days, dramatics, music, dance, debate, painting, competitionsjquiz, fancy, dress etc. will be an intrinsic part of the regular curriculum of the school.
  • Excussion and picnics will also be organized from time to time to make learning real and practica

From The Director Desk

The pioneering education revolution finally rolls into Ghazipur. The motive behind the establishment Of Awadh International School is to educate the children of Ghazipur through discipline and by making children, sensitive to the finer aspects of life, In order to meet the challenges in the future and compete with the modern educated world. We hope Awadh International School will- over a period, crave a niche for itself in the educational scenario of this wonderful city and will bring state of the art education in keeping with today’s requirement to the doorsteps to the student’s fraternity. Awadh International School is just begining its first academic session 2013-14 the j school aims at developing essential person-ality, positive attitude and behavioural skills in children.


Anjani Kumar Rai ( Director )

Awadh international school Ghazipur U.P